Don’t You Ever Think Of DIY The Electrical And Plumbing Work Of Your Home

If you have built a house for you and your family in Parkville, a quiet Melbourne suburb known for its leafy streets and heritage houses, along with the University of Melbourne’s bustling campus to boost, start painting your new home sweet home in authentic heritage color right away. Why, you can also order DIY furniture kit from a reputable Melbourne furniture company to build chairs from PVC pipes, tables from pizza crispers and lamps from cardboards.  But never ever try your hands with the electrical or the plumbing in your new home ‘cause there is every likelihood of your getting killed in the process due to a short circuit or paying heavy penalty for violating the laws that govern these two vital issues in the land of the Aussies.

To begin with, entrust the electrical work in your new home with CJ Electrical Solutions, licensed electrical contractors, since this will not only protect  life and property but will also go in favor of Insurance coverage in case any accident happens later on.

What can happen if you do your own electrical work?

Apart from being illegal, DIY electrical work is extremely hazardous for whoever does the work, as also for anyone else who uses or comes into contact with perilous electrical installation or equipment. Moreover you run the risk of being detected by Electrical Safety Inspectors who routinely investigates issues that are related to unlicensed work in Queensland and other areas.

Incidentally, people who indulge in unlicensed/ DIY electrical work are always running the risk of coming into contact with live wire that have fatal consequences, while haphazardly connected electrical appliances can affect unsuspecting individuals who may get a ‘shock’ while touching such installations. Mind you, this can prove fatal for the aged and pregnant women who are physically feeble, as compared to average adults.  Although it may not happen every time but the risk becomes more pronounced if the earthing or the grounding system has not been properly connected.

Considerable damage to property caused due to electrical fire is also linked to illegal or DIY electrical work where the insurer will not entertain a claim, while the law will not protect you either.

How heavy are the penalties?

Leaving aside injury or death that may attract provisions under Criminal Code Act 1995, DIY electrical work is considered as unlicensed electrical work, which is illegal in Australia, and has penalties up to $40,000 for individuals.

A breach that causes a death or grievous bodily harm attracts a maximum penalty of $100,000 for an individual ($500,000 for a corporation) or two years imprisonment. If a breach causes multiple deaths, the maximum penalty is $200,000 for an individual ($1,000,000 for a corporation) or three years imprisonment.


Judging from whatever angle you may look into, DIY electrical in your home isn’t worth the hassle. Use prudence instead. Let CJ Electrical Solution tackle the job. They have qualified, licensed electrical experts to render perfect service for you. After all, it is your own home, so make it safe for you and your family forever.