Electricity is an essential source of power, but you need a qualified electrician to harness that power appropriately, regardless of whether it is your home, office or the industry you have built by the sweat of your brow. So far as your home is concerned, you need skilled electricians such as those provided by CJ Electrical Solutions to ensure that all your electrical home appliances are properly earthed as otherwise your favorite stainless steel Rocking Chair can turn into an Electric Chair, when inadvertently becoming entangled with a live wire.

Areas where you need the services of CJ Electrical Solutions most

  • a) Installing power plugs and sockets  that allow electrically operated equipment to be connected to the main power supply in the building. However, these differ in voltage, rating, as well as size, shape and type of connectors. The brands used in each country are set by national standard, such as the Australasian Standard AS/NZS 3112 (Type I) in Australia.

The plug used in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea   has an earthing pin and two flat current-carrying pins forming an upside down V-shape. The flat blades measure 6.5 by 1.6 mm (0.256 by 0.063 in) and are set at 30° to the vertical at a nominal pitch of 13.7 mm (0.539 in). Australian and New Zealand wall sockets almost always   have switches on them for extra safety, while an unearthed version of this plug with two angled power pins but no earthing pin is used with small double-insulated appliances. However, the sockets always include an earth pin.

Since CJ Electrical Solutions employees are fully qualified, work to industry standards and hold all required licensing, their work is always carried out in full compliance with the Standards Association of Australia Wiring Rules and Regulations.

  • b) Installing Split type Air Conditioner  involves several steps that are taken by trained CJ Electrical Solutions technicians, who would first of all select an unobstructed location on the interior wall to mount the indoor air conditioning unit. He will also take care of the following issues while installing both the indoor and the outdoor units of the split A/C.

i) Avoid locations where gas may leak or where oil mist or sulfur is present.

ii) The indoor unit has at least 6” (15 cm) of open space surrounding its top portion and the flanks. Moreover, it would be mounted at least 7 feet from ground level.

iii) The unit is installed at the minimum of 3.3 feet or  1 m away from antenna, power or connecting lines used for television, radio, intercoms and home security systems.

  • c) Installing or altering the home wiring  In Australia and New Zealand, the AS/NZS 3000 standard, commonly known as the “wiring rules”, specifies requirements for the selection and installation of electrical equipment, and the design and testing of such installations. The standard is mandatory in both New Zealand and Australia; therefore, all electrical work covered by the standard must comply.

Needless to say, the technical team employed by CJ Electrical Solutions obeys such rules and    regulations when installing or altering home wiring to the letter.


Electricity can be a boon or bane in your life, depending on how careful you are while using it. Nevertheless, it is always safer to let CJ Electrical Solutions  tackle all electrical jobs in your home, office or industry that you call your own.