Whenever you are in need of an electrician or an electrical contractor to install an air conditioner in your home in Australia or even to fix a minor electrical issue such as shifting the light point in your garage, make sure that the electrician holds a valid license to conduct the job without supervision. Over and above, the licensed electrician should also be registered as an electrical contractor with the local authorities. Luckily, CJ Electrical Solutions qualify for both and so can be safely hired to perform all types of electrical jobs in your home, office or industry without any hassle. What’s more, they may be legally entrusted to undertake wiring in a house since under Australian law; electrical work that involves fixed wiring is stringently regulated and can only be performed by a licensed electrician or electrical contractor.

Licensed electrical contractor can handle numerous jobs

Incidentally, a licensed and registered electrical contractor, such as CJ Electrical Solutions  can handle a fairly wide range of work that include air conditioning, data, and structured cabling systems, home automation & theatre, LAN, WAN and VPN data solutions, light fittings and installation, phone points, power points, safety inspections and reports, safety switches, smoke alarm installation, inspection and certification and testing and tagging of electrical appliances.

Electrical licensing is regulated by each state

As with many other rules and regulations, electrical licensing in Australia is regulated by the individual states. In Western Australia the Department of Commerce keeps tab on licensees and allows the public to search for individually named/licensed Electricians.

Period of Apprenticeship Varies Too

Presently in Victoria the apprenticeship last for four years, during three of those, the apprentice attends trade school in either a block release of one week each month or one day each week. At the end of the apprenticeship the apprentice is required to pass three examinations, one of which is theory based with the other two practically based. Upon successful completion of these exams, providing all other components of the apprenticeship are satisfactory, the apprentice is granted an A Class license on application to Energy Safe Victoria (ESV).

Services CJ Electrical Solutions are famed for

  • Residential Our residential electricians are suave decent people, albeit highly trained techies that know their job only too well. They will always arrive on time; compete their job within scheduled time, while removing all left over items such as bits of damaged wire, defunct switches, etc before leaving your premises. Additionally, they can perform free electrical safety check to ensure that your home remains safe from likely electrical hazards.
  • Commercial we provide nationwide five star service to commercial business establishments, providing them guidance in regard to cost effective ways for se of electricity in their premises.
  • IndustrialOur fully trained electricians prove indispensible for starting and maintaining industrial projects, fixing emergency breakdowns, as well as taking active part in preventive maintenance.


CJ Electrical Solutions is reputed for technical efficiency and commitment. Moreover, their qualified technicians will do the job in accordance with AS/NVZS 3000 Electrical installation, popularly known as Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules, as also the Energex or Ergon energy requirements.