Noble Park Do You Need Home Maintenance Electricians?

When do I need an Electrician?

We’ve seen Noble Park residents taking the opportunity to upgrade and take part in some home maintenance in recent years. There are many ways you can work on improving your home without the need of a professional, seeing new gardens, a fresh coat of paint and simple decorating lifting the feel of a home without needing to hire a trade.

Electrical work on the other hand, is never something you should attempt yourself unless you are a qualified professional. Aside from the fact that attempting electrical work yourself is illegal in Australia, it’s also extremely dangerous.

Whether you are looking to increase efficiency by upgrading your lighting to LEDs, add additional power points for more usage, or need a switchboard upgrade to keep up with the advancing technology, you will need a qualified electrician to perform these tasks and provide a Compliance Certificate with the work done.

What kinds of electricians are there?

Depending on the type of work that you need completed around your Noble Park home will decide on which Electrician you call.

While a lot of Electricians specialise in certain areas, there are three main types of Electricians that would come to your home:

Domestic Electricians

Domestic electricians are the typical sparky you would normally deal with for day-to-day jobs around your Noble Park home. These are the electricians that will install a new light switch, add a power point or maintain existing wiring. There are, of course, electricians, like CJ Electrical Solutions, that also specialise in additional tasks (such as installing a split system), so if you need a specific job done, ensure that your electrician can take on the job before hiring them.  

There are domestic electricians, like CJ Electrical Solutions, that are available 24/7 for emergency breakdown services, such as a blackout, notice of defect or hazardous issues.

Construction Electricians

Construction Electricians are tasked with doing the original wiring and fit off for new builds in suburbs like Noble Park. CJ Electrical Solutions have experience in new builds which include setting up the framework and running the cabling throughout the house ready for finish. They then return to install power points, light fittings and other finishing electrical touches before you move in.

Green Electricians

As more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and try to cut down on their power usage, the demand for going green is rising.

These electricians, such as those at CJ Electrical Solutions, can advise you on how you can cut back on your energy usage and save you money. This may be as simple as changing to LED lights, upgrading heating and cooling to reverse cycle, or more complex solutions such as solar power.

If you are wanting to do your bit for the environment, CJES are the people to call.

How much will an electrician cost?

CJ Electrical Solutions prides themselves on being your local, top quality yet affordable Noble Park electrician.

Like most electricians, the amount we charge is based on job requirements and therefore everything is quoted to you before work begins.

The Electricians at CJ Electrical Solutions will do their best to provide you with an estimate over the phone. If willing to proceed, our electricians will arrive onsite and confirm the works needed match the price quoted before starting work.

For ongoing works, our prices may be charged per hour but our electrician will discuss this with you beforehand.

Emergency call outs are charged with a call-out fee when out of hour usual working hours, on top of the services required.

Thankfully as your local electrician for Noble Park, you don’t have to worry about inflated travel costs and an electrician will be out in no time!

What should I ask my electrician?

If you have electrical work that needs to be completed by an electrician, there are a few things you should know before you start contacting electricians online:

Are you licensed?


Before the electrician of your choice begins working on your home, ask to inspect their licence and registration cards to prove they are qualified. Registrations are state-based, so make sure they are allowed to work in your state.

Also, make sure your electrician has public liability insurance (don’t worry – we do!). This is very important in the event something goes wrong or the electrician does a poor job that results in damage to your home (but not likely when you hire experienced electricians with great attention to detail like us).

What’s the plan?

If you are renovating an area, its best to know roughly what you are after and how you’re going to use the space to explain it to your electrician.

For example, power points: make sure you know how many you want and where you will want them. Also consider how many outlets in each power point and what will you need them for. An experienced electrician like someone at CJES will of course be able to advise you on what you will need and where, but it always helps to have an idea in your head first.

Are you within my budget?

Be upfront with your electrician and explain that you have a budget to adhere to, especially if you are managing a major project such as a renovation.

If the electrician knows what your budget is from the get-go, it will ensure our electricians can get the job done on time and on budget!

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