There are plenty of reasons why it is a good idea to add functional outdoor lighting to your Doveton home. In fact, even if you are opting for including landscape lighting in your outdoor design you will find there are benefits you hadn’t even thought of. So, if you are on the fence about whether you should move forward with outdoor lighting in Doveton, here are some things to consider.


This is the obvious reason most people opt for exterior lighting. You want a way to light up the outside of your home for those times you have friends and family over for BBQs on the patio or lawn. Even if you just like to enjoy evenings alone on your porch you should have proper lighting in order to be able to fully enjoy Doveton.

safety exterior lightingSafety

General lighting is good for safety; however, you may want to add to what you have with details like walkway lighting. Part of the reason you want to add exterior lighting to your home is to prevent injuries. This will also help reduce the risk of someone slipping and falling on your property and then suing you for damages. Pay careful attention to areas where traffic may be highest such as around pools, decks or other outdoor seating areas.


The right choice in lighting can become part of the landscaping in Doveton. It will help to showcase aspects of your landscaping design or garden while also offering the right amount of aesthetics. Highlight details like certain trees or even water features like a pond or waterfall. To really make it customised to your unique style, consider mood lighting or lighting you can dim depending on the atmosphere you want to create.

Curb Appeal

Just as the right lighting showcases what you want seen, the right placement can take the focus from what you don’t want seen. Use your lighting plan to really make certain aspects of your house or landscaping pop. This will divert the eye away from what you’d rather not showcase, like your tool shed or hot water service. Working with a professional from CJ Electrical Solutions will help you to determine where the best placement is.

Property Value

Almost anything you do to improve your house in Doveton will help to add additional value. So, the good news is that the initial upfront investment for your landscape lighting will have an immediate return by increasing your property value.

appealing outdoor lightingSecurity

Homeowners rarely fully comprehend the true value exterior lights have for helping as an added security measure. Keep in mind that a criminal is looking for a place to burglarise or vandalise that is not going to be easily detected. Obviously, a home lit up like a Christmas tree is not going to be the best candidate. If you would rather not have bright lights shining outside your home at all times, consider adding motion lights as a deterrent instead.

Keep it Green

Additionally, the good news is that you can add outdoor lighting to your home in Doveton but still make it an eco-friendly project. There are plenty of options available for energy efficient lighting choices when designing your landscape lighting. This works out in your favour for two great reasons.

First, you are doing the right and responsible thing as a homeowner for helping to protect and preserve the environment. The other bonus is that it means less money on your monthly utility bills. So, the money you invest in your lighting will at least be much kinder to you long term.

Second, you can always go green by using some motion sensor lighting. Since these only come on when triggered and do not remain on, you are using way less energy. And of course, this will also reflect on monthly lighting bills that are not as high.

Well there you go! There are plenty of other great reasons to add exterior lighting to your home in Doveton, but these are some of the most popular ones. Give CJ Electrical Solutions a call today to plan out your lighting so that you can be confident that it will be done correctly.