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Periodic Electrical Inspections for Rental Properties in Melbourne

As of 2021, changes are being made to the essential requirements of maintaining a safe electrical environment in a tenancy for landlords and property managers (now named rental providers). CJ Electrical Solutions offers a comprehensive landlords electrical safety check for rental properties throughout the South East suburbs of Melbourne.

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Landlord Obligations: Electrical Safety Inspections

According to Consumer Affairs from January 1st, 2021, “Rental providers must ensure that an electrical safety check of all electrical installations and fittings in the premises (in accordance with section 4 of AS/NZS 3019 “Electrical installations—Periodic verification”) has been conducted by a licensed or registered electrician every two years.”

If an electrical safety check has not been conducted within the last 2 years at the time the renter occupies the premises, the rental provider must arrange an electrical safety check as soon as possible.

If requested, they must provide the renter with the date of the most recent safety check, in writing.

Electrical Safety Check for Rental Properties

The safety check and testing must be carried out by a licensed electrician like those at CJ Electrical Solutions.

The electrical safety testing and verification check must cover the property’s electrical systems including:

  • Any appliances that require cleaning, i.e. dust build-up on cooling fan inlets and all parts of heaters.
  • Inspection of electrical appliances for damage, including leads, plugs, and casings that could expose live parts or cause a fire.
  • Inspection of electrical wiring, socket outlets, and switches.

Finalised documentation by a qualified electrician must include:

  • Electricians name and license number
  • Date of inspection
  • Detailed results, including any repairs needed or actions taken to address the required repairs.
  • Confirmation that all installations and fittings have been checked and found safe.

Record Keeping

A record of an electrical safety check may be any of the following:

  • a compliance certificate
  • a document from the electrician
  • a ‘Certificate of Home Safety Inspection’, available from registered licensed electrical inspectors and registered electrical contractors.

A record of the most recent electrical safety check must be kept until a record of the next safety check is created.

A copy of the most recent electrical safety check must be provided to the renter within seven days after the rental provider receives a written request from the renter.

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More information on the electrical requirements of the Victorian tenancy regulations can be found: