Switchboard Upgrade for Casey Council Residents

CJ Electrical Solutions have electricians available in the South East suburbs for all mains power upgrades and/or switchboard upgrade including safety switch installs for homes or businesses.


Do you have old ceramic fuses and an asbestos switchboard?

If so, it’s time to give CJ Electrical Solutions a call because you need a switchboard upgrade!

Think of your switchboard as the central hub for your homes entire electrical distribution. The power comes from the street to your switchboard, then directs the current through the various circuits in and around your home. Therefore, it is extremely important that your home is electrically sound and it all starts at your switchboard.

The electrical wiring rules and standards in Australia are constantly updated every few years. At this point in time (2020), if you wish to add any electrical power outlets to your home or make any amendments to your switchboard, legally you will require a switchboard upgrade. This is to enable RCD protection and to provide maximum safety for your home.

With everyone taking the opportunity to renovate and upgrade their home, residents are installing newer and bigger appliances. However, very few consider if their switchboard can handle this add one.

Perhaps you only need a new power point in your home, or you are embracing new technology around home automation, then you will need to consider investing in a switchboard upgrade.

If your switchboard is aged, for instance, you still have ceramic fuses, then your home does not meet the current Australian Standards. This is a hazard and could be potentially very dangerous!

Make sure your property safe and up to date by getting a free quote for your switchboard upgrade today from one of our Melbourne electricians.


  • Do your fuses blow or circuit breakers trip when you use too many appliances?
  • Do your lights flicker for no apparent reason?
  • Can you hear any ‘buzzing’ or strange noises coming from your switchboard panel?
  • Do you still have the ceramic style fuses fitted?

If you answered yes to any of the above or your switchboard looks anything like the ones below, then yes, you likely need a switchboard upgrade!

Outdated Switchboard
Outdated: Before Switchboard Upgrade
Outdated: Before Switchboard Upgrade
Outdated: Before Switchboard Upgrade


As many other electrical jobs, a switchboard upgrade will vary from home to home depending on the works required.

Generally, a switchboard upgrade will involve the replacement of all ceramic fuses for modern, safe circuit breakers and RCDs. Which occurs in a neat enclosure along with the rewiring of cables behind the panel and finishing by testing the installation and residence.

It can also include, but is not limited to,

  • the addition of smart meters,
  • replacement of asbestos panels,
  • replacement of a corroded electrode,
  • new service fuses and
  • the upgrade of your consumers mains cables.

This is in order to make your home as safe as possible, whilst meeting the required Australian Standards.

Our electricians will quote your switchboard upgrade by evaluating the following factors:

  • Number of circuits
  • How many circuits need RCD protection
  • Is a disconnection of service or meter needed?
  • Do you want the consumer mains upgraded?
  • Do you have 3-phase supply?

As an estimate, the average electrical switchboard upgrade will cost anywhere between $800 – $1500 incl. GST. (Not inclusive of service disconnections, Level 2 electrician work – mains or metering).